Direct Mail

A colorful, creative direct mail piece is a great way to drive business when done correctly. Postcards, flyers, catalogs and more are designed and printed in house and delivered directly to your audience.

Custom Mailing Lists

A good mailing list can make or break your direct mailing campaign. We provide the most accurate custom mailing lists possible for our clients so their mailers are going directly to the people who matter most.

Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing delivers customized marketing to your clients so that each one is more personal. Everything from colors, background images and text can be customized to provide each of your mailers with a special touch that lets your clients know that you're thinking of them.

Every Door Direct Mail

The best way to market your business in a specific area or neighborhood, Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) allows you to have your postcard delivered to every address in any given area. You tell us the area you want to deliver in, and we can take care of the rest. From art, to printing, to mailing our EDDM lets you step back and know your message will get out to the people you want the most.


Whether it's a sales catalog, promotional pamphlet or event program, Booklets are the perfect way to deliver a presentation through direct mailing. A well-designed booklet leads to more trust and confidence in your brand and is a cost-effective way to generate interest and get your message out.

Card & Envelopes

Our card and envelope service adds that personalized touch that ensures your customers know how much you appreciate them. Great for holiday cards, Birthday cards, or to reach out to customers and let them know you're thinking of them. We can address the envelopes, design and print the cards and mail them when you need them mailed.


In the highly competitive business world, a unique and memorable newsletter helps your business stand out among the crowd. Perfect to promote your latest product or service, they can reach a large audience and provide potential clients with useful information. At Stoneglass we can design, print and mail your newsletters and help you grow your business.


Full color postcards are a fantastic tool for promoting your business. Inexpensive to mail and to print, they can form the backbone of an effective direct mailing strategy. As a full-service marketing company Stoneglass can design, print and mail your postcards to make the process of direct mailing them as easy as possible.

Business Reply Mail

Business Reply Mail allows a recipient to respond to a direct mail offer without paying for postage or using a stamp. This makes it much easier for a recipient to actually send back their response to the business which greatly increases response rates from your direct mail campaign. As a full-service print and marketing firm we take care of everything, from designing of your letter to the printing and mailing while you wait for the responses to roll in!

Window or Non Window Letter Mail

Whether you need windowed or non-window envelopes for your business mail, Stoneglass has you covered. With a variety of options for your mailers, we make sure that you have exactly what you need to stand out from the crowd with what you send to clients.

Custom Mailings

No matter what you need to mail for your business, Stoneglass has you covered. We can help you with everything from your mailing strategy, to your design, printing and mailing. We have an expert team that ensures your message gets out when you need and to the people you want to reach.

Nieman Printing is now part of the Stoneglass Marketing Network

With a full suite of new capabilities, we can now be much better partners to our customers. Call us to learn more!