Kitting & Fulfillment

When your e-commerce business is ready to boom, don’t waste money on warehouse space, management and labor. Stoneglass Marketing can meet all your kitting and fulfillment needs in-house to keep things running smoothly and save you money by removing warehouse, shipping and labor costs.

In general, proper kitting and fulfillment is too big an undertaking for a business to tackle on its own, especially small and medium-sized businesses. One misstep can result in disaster: inventory lost, unhappy customers, money down the drain. With so many moving parts and high stakes, a professional service is your best bet to protect your business and your bottom line.

Our job is to protect your peace of mind and your profits. We handle the process from start to finish, bundling and packaging products, managing inventory, fulfilling orders, etc. We provide a clean, safe, secure place for all your components, then make sure the final product reaches your clients on time and looks great when it arrives.

We can work with you to create unique unboxing experiences for your customers, featuring personalized branded items and packaging. That includes subscription boxes, which are kitted, packed and shipped in-house. We’re equipped to handle any inventory volume and a wide range of products and order types. Whatever your needs are, we’ll take care of it.

When it comes to storage, you’ll only pay for the warehouse space you use. All storage solutions are designed to make inventory and fulfillment processes completely seamless, and include a team of experts who keep your inventory ready for delivery at all times.

Inventory tracking and reporting helps you ensure you always have product in stock. You’ll always know which products are available, running low or sold out. We’ll send notifications when inventory is low, or even set up automatic alerts that put items in the production queue immediately so your inventory is replenished faster.

Our team tracks product sales for you so you have a plan for the future. Use your actual sales data to prepare for future production needs, making it less likely you’ll be caught with too much or too little inventory down the road.

Courier Services

Whether you have a single parcel or an entire pallet, let Stoneglass Marketing’s professional couriers handle pickup and delivery so you can get on with your day knowing your package is in safe hands.

  • Same or Next Day Delivery
  • Schedule a Future Delivery
  • Track Your Shipment in Real Time
  • Receive Delivery Update Notifications

Nieman Printing is now part of the Stoneglass Marketing Network

With a full suite of new capabilities, we can now be much better partners to our customers. Call us to learn more!